Student & Peer TESTIMONIALS:

“Robin Nunnally’s spirit, knowledge and passion will make you fall in love with Swing dancing. Her open, upfront and encouraging style is a rare find among instructors. She is hands down a natural born leader and teacher.”

– Monique

“Robin is one of the most skilled, patient, passionate and enthusiastic dancers I know. She’s a natural leader; her leadership skills both on the dance floor and off are next to none.”

– Arta

“I’ve had privates, workshops, and weeknight lessons with Robin, and they have been some of THE best dance lessons I’ve ever taken. Robin’s enthusiasm has kept me feeling positive about learning new concepts, and her patient encouragement has inspired me to keep growing and challenging myself as a dancer.” 

– Colette

“Watch Robin dance with a beginner, then an intermediate, and then an experienced dancer for about 30 seconds each. Then you’ll realize why she is such a good teacher. She understands the entire spectrum and that makes her a rare resource. I learned more useful stuff from her than any other instructor.”

– Glenn

“I have known Robin for two years during her tenure in Calgary as a Leader, Full time swing dance instructor and Choreographer. I worked along-side (and for) Robin in that time and found her to be very professional and effective. I have found Robin to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, resourceful and helpful.” 

– Read