Robin Nunnally has been dancing, performing and teaching throughout the Pacific NW for the past 16+ years and is known for her "little feet of fury" on the dance floor. She has placed at numerous national competitions, including; Camp Hollywood, Camp Jitterbug, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and the US Open. She was a long time member of Seattle's Jackson St. Lindy Hoppers, and a founder (and long time member) of Seattle's premier vintage chorus girl dance team, Sister Kate. Robin was also the creator and co-organizer of the annual Killer Diller Ball in Seattle, WA. Today, she loves to think of her dancing as a melting pot of the many dance influences she's studied over the years, and enjoys enthusiastically sharing that plethora of knowledge with her students on the dance floor.



    March 15-17, 2013 – PLEX – Calgary, Alberta
    March 22-23, 2013 – Savoy Swing Jam – Seattle, WA
    April 5-7, 2013 – LindyBout – Vancouver, BC
    April 12-14th, 2013 – Swingsation Weekend III – Calgary, Alberta
    April 21st, 2013 – Vintage Wedding Show – Calgary, Alberta
    June 15-16th, 2013 – Calgary Swing-a-thon (Alberta Cancer Foundation Fundraiser)
    June 22nd – Summer Solstice Exchange – Edmonton, Alberta
    June 28-30th – Teaching a workshop
    August 22-25, 2013 – International Lindy Hop Championships – Washington DC
    November 15-17, 2013 – Harlem Paradise – Calgary, Alberta


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    Robin Nunnally was born and raised in the city known as “the birthplace of the blues” – Memphis, TN. Growing up an only child, she would often study dance clips from musicals and copy the dance moves in front of the TV. Her mother, seeing her love of performance art, enrolled Robin in numerous theater classes over the years. At the age of 11, Robin’s family moved from Memphis to Bainbridge Island, WA. It was here that she furthered a love of theater, including taking a jazz theater series at the age of 13, which would kick-start her lifelong passion with vintage jazz dancing. At age 15, she instantly became hooked on swing dancing and within a year was on the local performance team. At rehearsals, she carefully studied this dance the advanced kids were doing – the “lindy hop”. Soon, she had broken down the basic on her own and was jumping in with the group. Devoting herself 100% to The Swingin’ Hepcats teen dance team, she soon was partnered and a full time member.

    In 1998 the team of high school and middle school kids flew to Anaheim, CA, for the US Open Swing Championships. Their performance in the team division got them a 4th place national title. Over the next 2 years, Robin became an assistant coach for the team, teaching a variety of dance classes through the company and choreographing many of the routines. She performed on numerous large scale events, such as performing at the Seattle SuperSonics half time show (twice), a christmas commercial for Lamonts Clothing, opening at the Paramount Theater for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and many more. The team returned to the US Open Swing Championships in California again in 1999, where Robin placed 5th in the Junior Couples Lindy Hop Division at the age of 17.

    At the age of 18, Robin began to more seriously explore other stylings of lindy, as well as begin to dive into the dances of Balboa and Collegiate Shag. She soon joined the Rain City Rugcutters of Seattle, WA for a short time, partnering with Adam Brozowski, but struggled with the commute to and from home. At age 20, Robin made the move to Seattle and rejoined The Rain City Rugcutters team, where she partnered with Michael Seguin. The team began working on their “fast dancing” lindy hop techniques, and soon set the long-standing nickname for Seattle as a “fast lindy” city.

    The Rain City Rugcutters traveled to the National Jitterbug Championships (Camp Hollywood Weekend – California) in 2003 to compete in the team division. Not only did the team receive second place, but Michael and Robin won the amateur lindy hop competition. This same weekend, Robin also won the national collegiate shag division with her other partner, Joon Chang. It was the first time a non-california dance couple had won the shag division title. Two weeks later, the team traveled to the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in Minneapolis, where Michael and Robin were again victorious in the endurance competition, thus furthering the label of Seattle as a fast-dancing city.

    Soon after, the Rain City Rugcutters became known as The Jackson St. Lindy Hoppers. Over the next couple of years, Robin partnered with multiple other talented dancers/instructors on the team, including Chris Chapman, Travis Whetman, and Joshua Welter. During this time period, she also created/started the nationally-recognized dance event, Killer Diller Weekend (Seattle, WA). She also served on the Seattle Lindy Exchange committee for a number of years as a Promotions/Marketing volunteer.

    In 2006, Robin became one of the founding members of Sister Kate, Seattle’s premier vintage chorus girl dancing team – a nationally (and internationally) recognized vintage solo jazz dance group. She remained on the team from 2006 until 2012.

    Robin is passionate about teaching any and all forms of popular jazz dances from the 1920s-1950s, including 6-count jitterbug, lindy hop, 20s charleston, solo jazz, balboa, and collegiate shag.

    Currently, Robin is residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she works full time (on a Canadian work visa) as a swing dance instructor & choreographer for Toe Tappin’ Swing. She also directs and choreographs for her own vintage chorus girl team in Calgary, The Sugar Sweets.

    In her free time, you can find her busy choreographing new routines, making costumes, or vintage thrift store shopping.

    Robin’s past competitions and clients include:
    * 4th Place Team Division – 1998 US Open Swing Championships – Anaheim, CA
    * 5th Place Junior Lindy Hop Team Division – 1999 US Open Swing Championships – Los Angeles, CA
    * 1st Place Showcase Division – 2001 Pacific Northwest Lindy Hop Championships – Seattle, WA
    * 2nd Place Jack & Jill Division – 2002 Camp Jitterbug Competition – Seattle, WA
    * 1st Place Amateur Lindy Hop Division – 2003 National Jitterbug Championships (henceforth a professional dancer in the national competition scene) – Los Angeles, CA
    * 1st Place Collegiate Shag Division – 2003 National Jitterbug Championships – Los Angeles, CA
    * 1st Place Endurance Competition – 2003 Ultimate Lindy Hop Championships – Minneapolis, MN
    * 1st Place Fast Dancing Division – 2005 Pacific Northwest Lindy Hop Championships – Seattle, WA
    * 1st Place Solo Charleston Division – 2007 Battle of Swing – Seattle, WA
    * 1st Place Lindy Hop Division – 2007 Killer Diller Ball – Seattle, WA
    * 1st Place Solo Jazz Division – 2009 Savoy Swing Jam – Seattle, WA
    * 1st Place Couples Division – 2010 Camp Balboa – Seattle, WA
    * 1st Place Jack & Jill Division – 2010 Camp Balboa – Seattle, WA
    * 2nd Place Invitational Jack & Jill – 2011 Savoy Swing Jam – Seattle, WA
    * 1st Place Invitational Jack & Jill – 2012 Savoy Swing Jam – Seattle, WA

    Past Performances/Clients include:
    * Tommy Hilfiger
    * Microsoft
    * Big Brothers Big Sisters
    * Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (Seattle, WA)
    * Seattle Supersonics Halftime Show (twice)
    * Paramount Theater
    * Pantages Theater
    * Argosy Cruise Line

Address // Seattle, WA 98122

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